Why All the Fuss About 9/11? Gun Ownership Far More Deadly!

By John W. Lillpop

In announcing his decision to leave the borders with Mexico open despite the swine flu crisis, President Obama applied the following logic:

Approximately 36,000 Americans die each year due to the regular flu. At the time of his pronouncement, only one person in America had actually succumbed to the swine flu.

In other words, do nothing to upset the flow of goods and people between Mexico and America until we get to 35,999 swine flu deaths?

How did this fellow get elected as a Community Organizer, much less president?

So far, Obama's faulty logic has not come back to haunt him because the disease appears to have abated.

However, President Obama did not know that that would be the case; his decision was based on raw economics and even rawer politics.

Besides, the flu may return with a vengeance in the fall, according to medical experts.

Think about it: Perhaps the war on terror is another victim of President Obama's cavalier attitude?

That may help explain some of his foolish decisions like closing Guantanamo Bay, abandoning waterboarding despite its proven success, and other retreats from measures that kept America safe for eight years.

After all, the president might reason, only 3,000 American lives were snuffed out on September 11, approximately the same number of lives lost to the flu in the month of September, 2001.

Only 3,000 lives were lost on 9/11, yet America the evil overreacted by scaring the hell out of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, although the terrorist mastermind suffered no permanent injury or harm.

Only 3,000 lives lost, yet America ruthlessly denied hundreds of terrorists captured on the battlefields their Constitutional rights and "day in court" by confining said killers to Guantanamo Bay.

Only 3,000 lives lost, yet America wastes hundreds of billions of dollars to wage war in Iraq and Afghanistan and to defend the nation with high technology equipment and processes.

Only 3,000 lives lost, yet America's good name has been blemished all across the globe, especially in Muslim nations.

Only 3,000 lives lost, yet right-wing extremists continue to insist that gun ownership is a Second Amendment right; one that leads to 30,000 American deaths each year.

Only 3,000 lives lost, yet right-wing extremists continue to insist that the war in Iraq was worth it, despite Harry Reid's the "war is lost" proclamation two years ago.

Clearly, America needs "progressive" change to get our nation back on course. Such change must include the following actions:

* Apologize to the Muslim world for those contemptible twin towers at the World Trade Center, which got in the way of jumbo jets flown by Allah's Angels on 9/11.

* Immediately bring the troops home from Iraq, or send them to Afghanistan to look for Osama bin Laden

* Dissolve the CIA, NSA, and Defense department

* Open the borders and ports to all that wish to come here

* Repeal the 2nd Amendment, retroactively to July 4, 1776

* Replace the tired, old Constitution with the Obama Manifesto and Five Year Plan for Remaking America, and

* Get "cool" with the notion that tens of thousands of Americans will die every month, a number that can be dramatically reduced with socialized medicine.

Progressive thinking: Where illogic and stupidity join forces to defeat common sense and reality!