GITMO Missteps Expose Obama's Teetering Invincibility

By John W. Lillpop

Throughout the presidential campaign and 120 days or so into the Obama fascist dictatorship, mainstream media types have celebrated the personage of Barack Hussein Obama non-stop, hailing his "cool and calm" demeanor as evidence of both superior intelligence and extraordinary management ability.

Which, of course, makes Obama the perfect choice for those 3 AM situations that the Commander-in-chief must deal with.

However, evidence is starting to mount which suggests that Obama is more about ego-mania, arrogance, and closed-minded stubbornness than cool and calm.

An example is the president's mindless pandering to the far left concerning GITMO, which has resulted in a stinging, but well deserved, defeat in the Halls of Congress.

As reported, in part, at Yahoo News:


"In a rare, bipartisan defeat for President Barack Obama, the Senate voted overwhelmingly Wednesday to keep the prison at Guantanamo Bay open for the foreseeable future and forbid the transfer of any detainees to facilities in the United States.

"Democrats lined up with Republicans in the 90-6 vote that came on the heels of a similar move a week ago in the House, underscoring widespread apprehension among Obama's congressional allies over voters' strong feelings about bringing detainees to the U.S. from the prison in Cuba."

And how did our new president take this public flogging from members of his own political party?

With the good grace, aplomb, and dignity one would expect from the new age Messiah?

Not exactly, Comrade!

As reported, in part, by AP:


"WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama forcefully defended his decision to close the Guantanamo detention camp Thursday and said some of the terror suspects held there would be brought to top-security prisons in the United States despite fierce opposition in Congress.

"He insisted the transfer would not endanger Americans and promised to work with lawmakers to develop a system for holding detainees who can't be tried and can't be turned loose from the Navy-run prison in Cuba. He spoke one day after the Senate voted resoundingly to deny him money to close the prison.

"There are no neat or easy answers here," Obama said in a speech in which he pledged anew to clean up what he said was "quite simply a mess" at Guantanamo that he had inherited from the Bush administration.

"Obama conceded that some Guantanamo detainees would end up in U.S. prisons and said those facilities were tough enough to house even the most dangerous inmates.

"Obama decried arguments used against his plans.

"We will be ill-served by the fear-mongering that emerges whenever we discuss this issue," he declared.

When you think about, Obama may have a point about fear mongering.

However, how does one thwart a demented Majority leader named Harry Reid who is still trying to find a way to "lose" the war?

And how does one handle those other annoying Democrats who refuse to fund whatever Obama wants, when he wants it? Who the hell do they think they are?

After all, Barack Obama won the election, right?

Co-equal branches of government and other silly protestations notwithstanding, Obama is THE man--and the only man, right?

Perhaps all of those wandering Democrats should be reminded of that reality with a visit from ACORN hoods bearing a gentle warning such as, "That is NOT the way things are done on the streets of Chicago, brother!"