Party of NO? YES!

By John W. Lillpop

Republicans are being called the party of NO! by some rather deranged moon bats on the left.

The charge, meant as a put down, is actually a badge of honor when it comes to the following well deserved list of NO! items:

NO! to a president and Congress intent on replacing capitalism with failed socialist policies

NO! to a president who is directing the federal government to seize and control banks and private enterprise businesses

NO! to a president who trashes America and apologizes for our great nation non-stop while on foreign soil

NO! to a president who insults hundreds of millions of Americans by declaring that America is "not a Christian nation"

NO! to an administration that would rather surrender to evil than win the war on terror

NO! to reckless, irresponsible spending that will bankrupt future generations of Americans

NO! to a Speaker of the House who lies about her awareness of waterboarding

NO! to absurd tax policies that punish those who achieve excellence while rewarding mediocrity and sloth

NO! to an IRS boss who cheats on his taxes

NO! to a mindless First Lady whose wears $540 shoes while ordinary people struggle just to survive

NO! to open borders and open arms for millions of invading criminals who cost taxpayers hundreds of billions each year

N0! to dismantling of Guantánamo Bay and other vital anti-terror mechanisms that have kept America safe for eight years

NO! to moving terrorists from Guantánamo Bay to American cities

NO! to ignoring the values of straight soldiers by forcing the military to admit openly gay people

NO! to coddling Latin American dictators and their wretched human rights records

NO! to so-called fairness doctrine, which is anything but

NO! to spreading the wealth" based on a Marxist' warped view

NO! to murdering millions of innocent unborns, while refusing to exact justice on brutal killers, even via lethal injection, a process about as painful as a flu shot

NO! to a Senate Majority Leader whose hatred of a president causes him to declare that "the war is lost" when in fact it is not,

And NO! to a mainstream media that abdicates its responsibility to provide an objective oversight over government in order to advocate on behalf of said government.

The party of NO? Heck yes!