Just Where in Hades Is Obama's "Exit Strategy" for GITMO?

By John W. Lillpop

Candidate Barack Obama's campaign for the presidency was waged in large measure on the premise that President George W. Bush pushed America into an unjustifiable and immoral invasion of Iraq, followed by years of agonizing mismanagement of the war.

In particular, Obama constantly chided the Bush administration for failing to develop and implement a coherent "exit strategy," for leaving the Iraq theater of the war on terror.

Obama and leftist colleagues in Congress constantly pounded W. on the issue until discrediting the president nearly became more important than the primary military objective: To fight the war on terror in Baghdad and Fallujah, rather than New York City and Los Angeles.

However, Obama's headstrong obsession with an "exit strategy" seems to have gone missing recently, at least with respect to closing Guantanamo Bay.

Although one of his first official acts as president was to sign an executive order to shut down the controversial Guantanamo Bay detention center "as soon as practicable," neither Obama or his staff devoted much thought to the logistics, probable ramifications, or alternatives.

Rather, pacifying moon bats on the far left seems to have been a greater priority to the new president than the safety and well being of American citizens.

Republicans were not amused by Obama's grandstanding to liberal nut balls. As reported, in part, by ABC on January 22, 2009, Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio had strong words of doubt about closing GITMO:


"I think the first thing we have to remember is that we're talking about terrorists here," Boehner said at a press conference this afternoon. "Do we bring them into our borders? Do we release them back into the battlefield, like some 61 detainees that have been released we know are back on the battlefield? And do we release them to get back and rejoin this fight? ... I'm concerned that some will be let go too soon, could end up back on the battlefield."

In the four months since Obama issued his tragically flawed executive order and Rep. Boehner shared his sage warnings, Team Obama still has not come forth with intelligent plans for dealing with 248 of the most vicious and deadly terrorists on the face of the planet.

Obama's complete and utter incompetence regarding GITMO has cost the president needed support from Democrats in Congress. Indeed, Congress has refused to authorize the funds needed to implement the president's unwise decision.

As it turns out, no politician, regardless of how liberally insane, wants to go before his or her constituency and explain why it is necessary to transfer deadly terrorists from an isolated military base in Cuba to their own home communities.

It simply makes no sense! And since Obama has no intelligent alternative, his mindless pandering to the far left is officially on hold.

Future irony?

Imagine how ironic it will be if this president who fought tooth and nail against a war intended to keep the war of terror from being fought on American soil, may actually be instrumental in bringing terrorists to American cities and towns.

A word of advice: Next time, have your "exit strategy" in place before acting, Mr. President!