Will “ObamaPhobia” Save America?

By John W. Lillpop

A year ago, Arlene Specter would have welcomed an endorsement from Barack Obama with open arms and great hope in a tight election challenge. After all, back in 2009, the Obama brand was still “hot” with the unwashed masses, and a definite plus for aspiring Democratic candidates, even old, recycled prunes like Specter.

My how things have changed! This year, after being booted out of office after 30 years of “service,” Specter probably looks back and regrets the ad which featured Obama declaring, “I love Arlene Specter!”

For sure, Specter’s own flip-flops and leftist thinking are a major reason why he is being forced to eat the bitter fruit of defeat after Tuesday night.

However, Democrats would be well-advised not to underestimate the powerful impact of Obama’s “I love Arlene Specter” blathering.

It’s the latest phenomenon in political hell-raising, and is aptly named ObamaPhobia.

It refers to the “had up to here” attitude that many, many Americans are expressing with regard to the illegal alien Marxist now occupying the Oval Office and those who support him in Congress.

ObamaPhobia is growing daily and may very well reach pandemic stage before November. It afflicts all manner of Americans, rich and poor, young and old, educated and not, lily white and people of color, liberal and conservative, etc.

The ObamaMania that was all the rage a year ago has been exposed as a media-created political Frankenstein which sought to dupe otherwise intelligent people into believing that a community organizer with no experience or achievements whatsoever to his name could actually be trusted with the world’s greatest society and most successful nation in human history.

Utter and complete nonsense.

Obama’s election will surely be recorded in the annals of history as the greatest fraud ever perpetrated upon the American people by mainstream media.

Finally, after damn near destroying the nation, his own party, and the free world with policies and actions one would expect from a Special Olympics president, the roosters are coming home to haunt Barack Hussein Obama.

has been replaced by ObamaPhobia which reflects a definite up tick in the thinking and reasoning ability of the America people.

With mid-term elections less than six months away, the American people will soon get a chance to redeem the awful mass-mistake of November 2008.

With any luck, ObamaPhobia will take hold in hamlets and metropolises from coast to coast, thereby causing patriotic Americans to install politicians in the U.S. Congress with the cajoles and common sense to put an abrupt end to the awful national nightmare known as ObamaMania.