President Obama: Too Smart to Fail?

By John W. Lillpop

As we all learned as kids, smart is good. It beats the hell out of being a dunce or slow learner.

Smarter people make more money, are able to secure powerful positions in government and business, and are allegedly happier than we common folk.

Americans celebrate and trust intellectual leaders—to a point.

Barack Obama is alleged to be brilliant in terms of IQ points. He is almost too smart to measure, according to IQ scientists who should know better.

Obama is way above average when it comes to theoretical and academic thought, and he is truly a shining example of progressive intellectualism at its best or, depending on your perspective, worst.

With an IQ much higher than his soaking-wet weight, this president should be a prize, just what America needs in this turbulent and troubled world, right?

As with most brilliant progressives, President Obama is afflicted with an ailment that damn near renders all of his superior intelligence null and void, making him more of a liability than an asset to our great nation.

Obama, you see, suffers from terminal narcissism and delusions of grandeur, afflictions that muddle his mind into believing that his is the only wisdom of any value and that he knows best in all matters of public policy.

How else to explain this man’s foolish tinkering with the nation’s war on terror apparatus, the one which kept the nation free from terrorist attack for eight years?

Why would any politician put the nation and his political party at risk by playing word games with the war on terror to mask the real enemy, order the closure of a terrorist prison like GITMO without a reasonable plan for accommodating the brutal killers detained there, treat terrorists like citizens by reading them Miranda rights, and on and on and on?

The answer: Mindless narcissism which has this president convinced that he knows the answers to all problems, big and small.

It is that absorption with his own superiority that also causes President Obama to move blindly on a trillion dollar stimulus bill, to ram a fatally flawed health care bill down the throats of an unwilling American public, to execute programs that are the equivalent of national suicide when it comes to the deficit, and to dance with the devil when it comes to the invasion of America from Mexico.

All of those policy matters are perfectly logical and appropriate to President Obama because of his hyper inflated ego and lack of perspective.

The big question: Can America survive the withering impact of this progressive intellectual who mistakenly believes he knows it all?