More Mindless CHANGE from Obama: Disconnecting the Dots!

By John W. Lillpop

Is there no end to the foolish irresponsibility practiced by the Obama administration, particularly with respect to homeland security and the war on terror, or whatever the hell the current PC term happens to be?

As reported, in part, at yahoo.news.com (1), it turns out that our brilliant federal government decided NOT to call all airlines about Faisal Shahzad:

“WASHINGTON – Law enforcement officials decided not to call all airlines directly on Monday to tell them an important name had been added to the government's "no-fly" list, even as investigators pursued the man they suspected was the Times Square bomber.

Emirates airlines apparently didn't notice the notification from the Transportation Security Administration that there was an addition to the list, and Faisal Shahzad boarded a Mideast-bound jetliner before federal authorities pulled him off and arrested him.

On Wednesday, the government issued a new requirement for airlines to check the no-fly list more often, a move aimed at closing that security gap in future cases of terror suspects.”

With all due respect, Mr. President and Ms. Napolitano: Just what is the bloody point of having a “No-Fly” list if ding bats in government are going to ignore the damn thing and or decide not to share the information in order to keep terrorist suspects from boarding planes?

Has the entire federal government gone stark raving mad since Barack Obama took over?

A bit of advice to President Obama: Stop wasting valuable time worrying about word-parsing the war on terror so as to not offend Muslims. Focus, instead, on protecting the American people from those want to kill us, even if such people happen to be Muslims!