Who REALLY Believes That Obama Is Up to the Presidency?

By John W. Lillpop

Even in good times, being president of the United States is a killer. Just look at before and after photos of Bill Clinton for proof positive.

Imagine how it must be to wake up in the morning with the following chores on your TO DO list:

* Fix oil spill in Gulf

* Calm Wall Street, stop stock blood bath

* Reduce unemployment (It went up in April!)

* Deal with immigration wars

* Israel and Palestinians—is there a solution?

* Floods in Tennessee

* Stop Iran from going nuclear

* Get going on mid-term elections!

* The damn deficit

* Mexican drug cartels—Coming to America?

* Save Harry Reid’s arse

* Send Vera Baker a couple million from the “stimulus” deal—
call it funds to set the record straight re conservative trash talk

Honestly, can a naive community organizer with no experience really be expected to prosper in this environment?