Affirmative Action: Politically Correct Racial Profiling?

By John W. Lillpop

Why is it that racial profiling is seen as a mortal sin when used to enforce the rule of law and protect America from terrorism and invasion by foreign aliens, but perfectly valid when it comes to doling out benefits and goodies?

For example, affirmative action requires that students be profiled based on race, so that minorities can receive preferential treatment based solely on race.

Applicants who identify themselves as Hispanic are automatically given preference based on racial profiling.

On the other hand, moon bats think it is immoral and un-American to ask a Hispanic to produce “papers” when law enforcement authorities have a reasonable belief that such an individual is here illegally.

Moreover, moon bats are unwavering in their opposition to any program that would stop Faisal Shahzad from boarding a plane based on his “middle eastern, young male” appearance, preferring to rely on a “no fly” list that dim bulbs working in government cannot be counted on to enforce.

Why is the illogical sold as good and sound when the exact opposite is true?