Whatever Happened to "Sí se puede?”


By John W. Lillpop

According to reports, only 50,000 illegal aliens took to the streets in Los Angeles to ring in May Day this weekend.

Just 50,000? This was supposed to be “THE” big weekend for illegal aliens to march and demand.

50,000? Good heavens, there were more invaders than that at emergency rooms in LA hospitals!

San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has more than 50,000 illegal aliens on the city payroll at City Hall for goodness sake!

And Mayor Newsom married more than 50,000 gay illegal aliens on the steps of City Hall in 2004, for gosh sake.

On any given afternoon, there are more than 50,000 drunken illegal aliens drag racing through downtown Los Angeles, for Pedro's sake.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villagarosa was very upset by the low turnout and demanded a federal investigation.

The rankled mayor said, "I want to run for governor of California some day, but I will need a lot more support from the illegal alien community. This smells like a poll tax or other voter suppression tactic used by unsavory southerners."

"I want the federal government to answer some basic questions. Why were the six million known illegal aliens in Los Angeles not on the streets on May Day?

“Did the unconstitutional and Nazi-like SB 1070 law in Arizona intimidate Latinos and deprive them of their 1st Amendment rights?"

"I will not tolerate disenfranchisement of Latinos just because they are here illegally and are not eligible to vote.

Asked at White House press conference to comment on the low turnout, President Obama tried to reassure Mayor Villagarosa by saying, "Well, Antonio has got to learn patience when dealing with edgy illegal aliens. After years of dealing with these folks, I know that they are moody and tough to predict.

"But in the end, hand out the goodies and benefits, and they will come. And do it often enough, and they will vote!"