James Carville not Amused by Obama's "Political Stupidity,” vis-a-vis Gulf Crisis

By John W. Lillpop

According to President Obama, those who criticize his administration for the lethargic federal response to the Gulf crisis simply do not have the facts.

That would apparently include New Orleans resident and Democratic strategist James Carville.

As reported at reference 1, in part, the Raging Cajun begs to differ with his Democrat president and even goes so far as to call Obama’s response “political stupidity."

From the reference, this text:

James Carville, who is also a resident of New Orleans, attacked President Obama's response to the BP oil spill in the Gulf Coast today, saying: "You got to get down and take control of this, put somebody in charge of this and get this thing moving. We're about to die down here."

“On Good Morning America, Carville said that "the political stupidity of this is just unbelievable," and that he has "no idea why their attitude was so hands-offy here."

"The President of the United States," Carville continued, "could've come down here, he could've been involved with the families of these 11 people" who died in the oil rig's explosion.

"These people are crying, they're begging for something down here. It just looks like he's not involved in this," he said.

Carville’s world-class meltdown in oil can be viewed at the link below:

Time to wake up and smell the oil, James: This Obama fellow is too damn arrogant and inept to concern himself with a couple of messy beaches--especially those in the Deep South!