What Is It About the Sestak Mess That Sounds So Familiar?

By John W. Lillpop

As the cover up of the Sestak fiasco absorbs more and more of President Obama’s time and energy, one has a vague recollection of a similar crisis involving a senate seat some where in the bowels of the American heartland. A recent crisis it was, if memory serves.

Unfortunately, age diminishes the ability to immediately recall every finite detail, but as the haze clears ever so slightly, one remembers that the previous scandal involved a vacant U.S. Senate seat in—was it Illinois?

By gosh, I believe it was.

Connect the dots!

Oh, and the name Rahm Emanuel surfaces from the prior mess as well. He was allegedly an integral part of that other mess, was, and is, up to his corrupt jaw in Illinois mobster politics, and was, and is, a political hit man for a powerful Democrat.

Connect the dots!

The brain struggles to put it all together but an image is starting to emerge.

The name Barack Obama is prominent in both cases. Fascist control of the U.S. Senate is the objective. Money is no object.

Connect the dots!

A minor distraction: The Sestak scandal involves former President Bill Clinton, who was impeached by the U.S. House in 1998. That seems to be an “outlier” of data.

Hold on a minute! If the Sestak scandal happened as alleged by people whose personal fortunes and professional careers are not manacled to Barack Obama, an impeachable offense may have indeed taken place.

Connect the dots!

Still, the image is blurred. Must make sure before drawing any rash conclusions.

I’ve got it, by Jove!

Does the name Rod Blagojevich ring a bell?

You remember, the former Democrat governor of Illinois who was caught trying to sell Barack Obama’s vacated Senate seat on E-Bay!

The same Rod Blagojevich who allegdly discussed the fate of Obama’s Senate seat with one Rahm Emanuel, the political sniper who now works in the White House as chief-of-stab for The One!

There you go, America. The mystery has been unraveled and the warning is as follows:

If it looks like an impeachable offense and smells like an impeachable offense, it most probably is a Democrat president involved in high crimes and misdemenors!

Connect the damn dots!