Illegal Invader Hot Line: 866-347-2423

By John W. Lillpop

It has come to my attention that our federal government maintains a “hot line” for the use of American citizens fed up with the invasion of our great nation, mostly from Mexico, but from other points as well.

The hot line number is 866-347-2423. . Then, Press 1 for deportations!

Write this number down, set up a speed dial number for it, share it in church, stag parties, libraries, fast food eateries, fitness centers, car washes, university campuses, Face Book accounts, Twitter, political rallies, family gatherings, Christmas Day celebrations, Independence Day BBQs, Arizona Suns basketball games, the 2010 Baseball All-star game in Arizona, and all other venues where responsible citizens congregate.

I have already reported about ten million illegal aliens so far, and I have just gotten started.

My list so far:

* 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,Washington, D.C., the Oval Office: Gent with initials BHO

* Los Angeles California

* East San Jose, California

* All La Raza outlets in the U.S.

* San Francisco (certain neighborhoods and City offices)

* Nancy Pelosi's home address

Just 30 million or so to go!