NO Human Being Is Illegal, Except…

By John W. Lillpop

Liberal associates (no such thing as liberal friends) usually go ballistic when I rant and rave about the invasion of America by illegal aliens, mostly from Mexico.

The almost- automatic liberal rejoinder is, “No Human Being Is Illegal!” or some other retarded babbling that makes no sense whatsoever and is deployed only to distract attention from the truth:

Thanks to Barack Obama, the Democrat Party, and certain traitorous RINOs, America is occupied by as many as 38 million third-world aliens, people who have no business being here.

That fact matters not one whit to most liberals who really do not give a damn about America as long as they can retain the power needed to implement their Marxist agenda.

Rather than argue at length with these muddle-brained fascists, I simply point out the following:

NO human being is illegal except---except for Guatemalans, Argentines, Brazilians, Nicaraguans, and other low-life Latinos in Mexico without papers!

Furthermore, illegal aliens in Mexico do not:

* March by the millions through the streets of Mexico City to demand amnesty

* Drive with licenses issued by a government that knows perfectly well that they are illegal

* Receive in-state tuition breaks

* Feast on the public teat known as welfare, food stamps, etc.

* Vote in Mexican elections despite not being citizens.

Or to put it in terms that even a liberal can understand: In Mexico, no illegal alien is human!