Democrats Cheer Calderon’s Anti- Rule of Law Lunacy

By John W. Lillpop

When Mexican President Calderon spoke in Washington on May 20, two ugly facts quickly became obvious:

1. The delusional president of a third-world foreign nation had the gall to stick his meddling nose into the internal affairs of the United States, the most successful and prosperous society in human history.

This meddling despite the fact that the interloper has no legitimate legal, moral, or political standing anywhere in America.

Moreover, this Spanish-speaking misfit committed these social atrocities while on U.S. soil, before a Joint Session of the United States Congress.

Even more appalling---,

2. Congressional Democrats actually left their seats in order to afford the pathetic foreigner several standing ovations.

In a repugnant display of political treason at it most treacherous, liberals cheered wildly in support of Calderon’s retarded rhetoric against Arizona and its courageous leaders who are struggling to deal with the financial and social devastation brought to Arizona and America by third-world invaders from Calderon’s Mexico.

Mind you, as far as can be determined, all of those Democrats in Congress are citizens of the United States. Presumably, each swore to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States as part of the obligatory swearing in.

By the way, that’s the U.S. Constitution, moon bats!

It is common knowledge that Democrats support amnesty for the 12-38 million criminals that have crossed our borders illegally and who are now living on the public dole.

That is what desperate Democrats do when their power is eroded by American voters who actually think seriously about the issues.

Nonetheless, it was incredibly surreal to watch self-declared “servants of the American people” grovel before a foreign president as he took Arizona lawmakers to task for protecting their citizens from invading criminals.

The obvious question: Are there no Americans among Democrats in the U.S. Congress?