Can Bill Clinton Save the Obama Monarchy? WOULD He?

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Imagine the desperation that must have a grip on President Obama: Things have gotten so bad, so toxic, so out-of-control that Bama has been forced to reply on former President Bill Clinton for help, advice, and a boost in the polls!

Merlin’s beard!

Bill Clinton, the disbarred, discredited, and disembowel draft-dodger done in by a lower-level federal clerk and a volunteer whose acts of “service” are not tax deductible any where, and are a felony in most conservative states!

How is it that Barack Obama, the man who was hailed as the Eighth Wonder of the World just fifteen months ago, has fallen so tragically, despite unflinching adoration and support from the mainstream media?

You talk about “political stupidity,” James Carville?

Using Bill Clinton for any task requiring even the appearance of integrity and honesty is—-just plain stupid!

In addition to the credibility issue, Bill Clinton brings a huge conflict of interest to the Obama wars: Bill shares a room with the other congenital-lying Clinton, the Hildabeast.

Excuse the cynicism, President Obama, but do your really believe that Bill Clinton will work on your behalf when your continuing failure will only serve to stoke Hillary’s never-dormant presidential aspirations and Bill’s never-dormant wish to keep Hillary fully occupied and unable to interfere with his extra-marital dalliances?

Do you not realize that Slick Willie and Hildabeast might even go so far as to leak some ultra-sensitive “facts” to assure impeachment and removal of your blessed self in time for the 2012 Campaign?

Can Bill Clinton save the Obama presidency? Would he even make an effort to do so?