Lord, Have We Offended Thee?

By John W. Lillpop

As scores of millions around the globe celebrated Earth Day on April 22, the old gal (Mother Earth) seems rather shaken, rattled, and rolled.

Consider the events of the past year:

Major oil spill in the Gulf bringing unprecedented environmental and financial damage;

Devastating earthquakes, including one so violent that it reportedly altered the earth’s axis;

Eruption of volcanoes which essentially shut down Europe for a while;

Massive loss of life and property as a result of floods;

Ongoing wars and wars in the making;

Increasing possibility that nuclear weapons will fall into the hands of theocratic monsters looking to provoke Armageddon so as to initiate the promised return of a mythical Inman stuck in a well;

Collapse of economies and political structures once considered stable;

Acceptance and active promotion of acts and behavior once considered sinful and perverted;

Catholic Church embroiled in sex scandals and abuse of children so wide spread and pervasive that even the sitting Pope is chastened;

Hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens marching for their non-existent “rights”;

Pandemics declared as a threat to the lives of millions.

The most eerie calamity on the world stage is the ascension of an inexperienced Marxist to the presidency of the United States and the systematic dismantling of the world’s most successful society, including hasty abandonment of the values that made America great.

The burning question: Dear Lord, Have we offended thee?