How to Explain Stupid Behavior by Mexican-American Students? Look to President Calderon and Congressional Democrats!

By John W. Lillpop

When 60 irate Mexican-American students walked out of classes in Morgan Hill, California on May 6 to protest the flying of Old Glory on Cinco de Mayo day, many thinking Americans scratched their heads and wondered:

What in the world is wrong with these kids? Why do they behave so stupidly? Who is teaching this mindless idiocy?

The fact that young students would act so irrationally and with such hostility towards the symbol of freedom and liberty---the American flag--- needs to be addressed, and with urgency!

Clearly, some students are being brain-washed in their homes by parents who hate America, except for the dinero, and by the mainstream media which fosters this sort of sedition by always advocating on behalf of Mexico, including illegal aliens, and against America.


Marching behind two large Mexican flags, the students claimed they were sending an urgent message: Mexicans are proud of their heritage and wearing red, white and blue on Cinco de Mayo is disrespectful.

Is it even possible to be more contradictory?

Although parental negligence is largely responsible for the wrong-minded thinking of muddled students, it would be a mistake to overlook the damage that done when Mexican President Felipe Calderon stands before the U.S. Congress and scolds the state of Arizona for defending its citizens against invasions from Calderon’s third-word Mexico.

The hypocrisy is even more unfathomable given Mexico’s own dismal treatment of illegal aliens. Indeed, Amnesty International recently declared a “Human Rights Crisis” in Mexico based on the fact that Latinos who wander onto Mexican soil without papers risk being kidnapped, raped, or murdered.

Kidnapped, raped, or murdered, and yet Calderon is aghast at an Arizona law which merely authorities law enforcement to question those suspected or being in America illegally?

It is that sort of muddled thinking that can cause impressionable students to conclude that flying the American flag on a Mexican holiday is somehow “incendiary.”

Unfortunately, Calderon is not alone in providing a rotten example for the young to emulate.

Congressional Democrats actually left their seats in order to afford President Calderon several standing ovations.

In a repugnant display of political treason at it most treacherous, liberals cheered wildly in support of Calderon’s rhetoric against Arizona and its courageous leaders who are struggling to deal with the financial and social devastation brought to Arizona and America by third-world invaders from Calderon’s Mexico.

With pathetic role models like Felipe Calderon and Congressional Democrats around, it should come as no great surprise that Mexican-American students need to study the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rule of law, and accept the United States as their “home” of allegiance.

Only then will these students earn the respect they claim to so desperately want.