Why Bill?

By John W. Lillpop

President Obama is a man of mystery and guile. He is also more political than spiritual, more elite than average is, and more territorial when it comes to protecting his space than the wildest of animals.

Take for instance, the recovery of two journalists by former President Bill Clinton.

Why Bill?

After all, Obama has a perfectly qualified, felony-free Clinton in his cabinet. True she is a congenital liar, but so is Bill.

What gives here, Mr. President? Misogyny should have no place in the most open and transparent cabinet-gang in American history.

Or is it Hillary's age that has Obama in a snit on his own birthday? She is over 60, you know.

But again, so is Bill!

The answer may be as simple as two words: Termed out, as in the 22nd Amendment to the Constitution.

Which means that Bill Clinton is prohibited from running for president again.

On the other hand, Hillary Rodham has never been president, so the 22nd Amendment does not apply to her bad Marxist self.

And Hillary has reportedly stashed away a few millions just in case America's voters decide that four years is more than enough of Barack Obama in 2012.

With that knowledge in the back of his manipulative mind, Obama has clearly avoided giving Hillary any assignment that might improve her public image. Freeing two journalists is the sort of thing that might cut into her 50 percent disapproval ratings.

Thus, President Obama, acting out of sheer survival instinct, sent Bill Clinton to North Korea while Hillary has been ordered to hoe weeds out of Michelle's tomato patch on the White House lawn.

Hayseed press secretary Robert Gibbs denies that sexism or ageism is involved, and said that Hillary was asked to work in the garden because she is known as one of the most talented hoers in Washington, D.C.!