America Is Sooooooooooooo Over Barack Obama!

By John W. Lillpop

It took more than six months, and Lord knows how many tens of trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, but, at long last, the American people seem to be finally awakening to the awful truth.

We have allowed a hateful, anti-American socialist and racist who despises this nation and all it stands for to occupy the White House.

We have elected a man who mocks our anxieties over 9/11, and terrorism in general, by disassembling those homeland security measures which have kept America safe for nearly eight years.

We have given a man without the experience, character or judgment needed to be Commander-in-chief direct control over the US Marines, Navy, Air Force, Army and Coast Guard. Any wonder, then, why Russian submarines our patrolling off our East Coast with impunity?

We have enabled a man who bows before foreign kings and apologizes for American leaders and policies while standing on foreign soil.

We have embraced a man more comfortable with communist dictators than proven American allies.

We have turned the most prosperous society in human history over to a naive and cynical Marxist who believes that he can reverse America's triumph in the Cold War by bankrupting our nation with trillions of dollars spent on unneeded and foolish liberal programs.

We have elected a bitter racist who congratulates himself for ushering in the "post-racial" era in America, but who, without knowing the facts involved, lashes out at a white police officer for behaving "stupidly."

We have elected a man who would use the tax code and other tools of government to steal wealth from those who contribute the most and are the most successful in order to reward mediocrity and those who cannot or will not pay their own way, much less contribute to the greater good.

We have elected a narcissistic wild man who would destroy the most sophisticated health care system in the world in order to cover illegal aliens.

We have elected an impatient and impulsive man who believes it to be a waste of time for Congress to actually read and consider legislation involving trillions of dollars of taxpayer wealth.

We have elected a man who claims to be "cool, calm, and collected" and unflappable, but whom must rely on nicotine to soothe himself in moments of high stress.

In short, we have installed a man who does not respect or revere the "American Way," and who is committed to changing everything that we Americans hold dear.

America Is Sooooooooooooo Over Barack Obama!