Is Liberalism a Dying Fairy Tale?

By John W. Lillpop

Even with a super majority in the United States Senate and a robust advantage in the United States House, President Barack Obama is being forced to do what leftists do best: Retreat and Surrender!

Liberals are especially keen on ceding to foreign enemies during time of war; however, this time it is all about domestic policy and yielding to the will of We the People.

We the People, who despite the hideous blathering of Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and mainstream media lefties, are not Nazis, un-American bird brains, terrorists, or right wing extremists.

Rather, we are concerned Americans who find it damnable that elected representatives opt to add trillions to the national debt by voting for bills of 1,000 pages, or more, which they have not read and do not understand!

Concerned Americans who are repulsed by "Death Panels" for citizens and coverage for illegal aliens.

Concerned Americans who are outraged that the Congressional Budget Office has predicted that ObamaCare would increase medical costs, yet our arrogant president persists with the insane argument that he can add 46 million people, including 20 million illegal aliens, to the mix and reduce costs!

Concerned Americans who are wary after liberals dumped a trillion dollar "stimulus" bill on our backs in the name of creating jobs, when in fact the bill was about pork funding for liberal projects favored by the likes of Nancy Pelosi.

In a broader sense, the question of the day is: Is the decline and fall of Obamacare a harbinger of things to come? Is the insanity called liberalism in its final death throes?

Think of the damage done to America by liberal insanity.

Liberals have:

Demanded that mortgage loans be granted based on race and ethnicity rather than on the ability and willingness to repay, thereby bringing about the great economic meltdown;

Orchestrated the ruination of the automobile industry and the nation's system of education by supporting greedy and unethical labor unions;

Blocked efforts to achieve energy independence for America by opposing oil drilling, construction of additional refinery capacity, and other measures that could help make America less dependent on Middle East oil;

Refused to consider reasonable proposals to rescue Social Security and Medicare, major failed liberal programs;

Sponsored school busing, affirmative action, and other mindless programs that promote divisiveness and mediocrity while punishing excellence.

Perhaps that maniacal anti-American Revered Jeremiah Wright was right when he declared that, "The chickens are coming home to roost!"

If so, the death of liberalism is coming not a moment too soon for the betterment and future of America!