Inconvenient Truth: Obama Woes Have Nothing to Do with Racism

By John W. Lillpop

With President Obama's approval ratings in free fall and showing no signs of rebounding anytime soon, it has become convenient, and even fashionable, for mainstream media to blame the fall and decline of Obamamania on an impromptu breakout of racism from coast to coast.

Mind you, seven months ago, when the world was in the midst of the "thrills running up and down my leg" pandemic, racism had pretty much been eradicated from the lexicon of demented dim wits at MSNBC, those talentless malcontents who fancy themselves as sophisticated pundits, but whom are actually bozo the clown clones.

From the Oddball musings of Chris Matthews to Keith Olbermann's daily struggle to count to 10 (even with an Obama- autographed teleprompter at his side), MSNBC has redefined political punditry as an art form which morphs the best (and worst) from mud wrestling and Obama informercials into one muddled evening of unwatchable television.

Parental discretion is always advised, unless one is determined to drive down the IQ of one's offspring to a level compatible with being a left wing extremist.

Blaming President Obama's plunge on racism makes about as much sense as:

-Blaming Jon Corzine's looming defeat on a sudden outbreak of voter rage aimed at liberal governors who do not wear seat belts while being chauffeured at 100-miles-an hour.

-Explaining Nancy Pelosi's dismal approval numbers on un-American voters who hate Botox, especially in silly women over 65.

-Recognizing that Harry Reid is in deep do-do because he has failed to deliver amnesty for 20 million non-English speaking illegal aliens urgently needed to do work that Americans (especially blacks) will not do, which is a huge concern in Nevada.

Enough is enough, already!

Liberal politicians, both those safely manacled to their cushy jobs for the time being, and those seeking reelection, are in trouble because the American people have at long last re-discovered a vital truth:

Liberalism simply does not work! Not in Russia, not in Cuba, not in China, and most of all, not in America!

That inconvenient truth is destined to provide an invaluable "Teaching Moment" for Obama, Corzine, Pelosi, Reid, and scores of other leftist politicians.

With any sort of luck at all, soon We the People will be able to thank God for deliverance from the awful scourge known as liberalism!