Does God REALLY Need President Obama as a Partner?

Satire By John W. Lillpop

No one knows for certain if God Almighty has a sense of humor, although I rather suspect that He does.

Heavenly humor might explain why the coolest summer in years has made Al Gore and other environmental nut balls look down right foolish for their pathetic attempts to sell global warming as an urgent emergency.

Only if HE had an uproarious sense of humor would such delicious irony be possible.

Heavenly humor might also explain how a simple, but determined, house fly could drive the most powerful man in the world to utter distraction as cameras from all across the globe broadcast the epic battle in living color and HDTV.

That fly MUST have had divine inspiration and help in order to pull off his kamikaze flying stunts despite the president's access to the Secret Service, CIA, FBI, US Marines, Army, and Air Force.

Assuming that God does, indeed, have a sense of humor, He must be roaring with laughter at Barack Obama's recent decision to let God in on major life and death issues.

As reported, in part, at inforwars.com, President Obama said, “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death,” an obvious reference to Obama's ambitious plans to reform health care.

Hmmmm. Since when has God needed a partner in matters involving the life and death of those He created in His own image?

And from a two-bit community organizer from Chicago, no less?

By the way, what about the left's folly about "separation of church and state" as an inviolable Constitutional principle?

Aside from the legal impurities involved, an Obama-God partnership could make for lively meetings and conversations.

A typical conversation might go something like this:


Barack, I am very concerned that ObamaCare would infringe on some of my most precious prerogatives as Creator of all that is, ever was, or will ever be.

For example, on Page 1,902 of bill 3200, the government is authorized to fund abortions.

On Page 2,603, death panels would be authorized to deny care and medicine to anyone over 50 years of age based on "applicable cost-benefit models developed in accordance with the latest medical technology available, as appropriate."

That government gibberish and double talk is, at its core, blatant tinkering with my private property.


Sir, please. I urge you to not be bamboozled by evil conservatives who are lying and spreading misinformation about health care reform in order to destroy my presidency.


Barack, I happen to agree with those conservatives.
Human life is my most sacred Creation. It is not to be trifled with because of inconvenience or cost.


Sir, Nancy Pelosi says 3200 will not pass the U.S. House without death panels and abortion on demand funding.


Don't fret over Nancy Pelosi. Just between you and me, I am calling her home right after Labor Day. The new Speaker will be a Blue Dog from Alabama.


Sir, I simply cannot work with a Blue Dog Democrat. It is untenable. I refuse.


Keep it up, Obama, and I'll schedule you for an early call home as well. Don't forget that even a $20 million mansion in Martha's Vineyard is not beyond my reach!

And so it might go between the Omnipotent and the Obama fairy tale.

However, there is a "teaching moment" to be gleaned from this.

Namely: Let God be God!