Has Nancy Pelosi Lost her Bloody Mind?

By John W. Lillpop

Mind you, losing a mind as confused and convoluted as that of Nancy Pelosi would not be that lamentable. It might even be a blessing-- to the Speaker, personally, and to the entire nation.

Still, one must wonder what this woman eats and drinks that is causing such a steady and dramatic deterioration of her political judgment and acumen?

Is she suffering from early Alzheimer's brought on by severe Botox poisoning?

Pelosi's latest idiocy involves spending of $500 million for eight passenger jets the Pentagon does not want.

As reported at WSJ. com, in part:

"Bipartisan opposition is emerging in the Senate to a plan by House lawmakers to spend $550 million for additional passenger jets for senior government officials.

"The resistance to buying eight Gulfstream and Boeing planes comes as members of both chambers of Congress embark on the busiest month of the year for official overseas travel. The plan to upgrade the fleet of government jets, which was included in a broader defense-funding bill, has also sparked criticism from the Pentagon, which has said it doesn't need half of the new jets.

"The whole thing kind of makes me sick to my stomach," said Sen. Claire McCaskill (D., Mo.) in an interview Sunday. "It is evidence that some of the cynicism about Washington is well placed -- that people get out of touch and they spend money like it's Monopoly money."

"Several other senators said they share the concerns and will work to oppose the funding for the jets when the legislation is taken up by the Senate in September, including Sens. John McCain (R., Ariz.,) Jack Reed (D., R.I.), Richard Burr (R., N.C.), Christopher Bond (R., Mo.) and John Thune (R., S.D.).

"The funding for new planes is "a classic example of Congress being out of touch with the realities of deficit spending," said Mr. Thune."

At a time when Americans are struggling to keep their homes and meet their basic living expenses, and when the national deficit has exploded, why would any common sense politician propose to add to the economic chaos for frills?

Answer: Nancy Pelosi is not normal: She is from San Francisco!