Mr. President: Where Is Your TimeTable for Withdrawal?

By John W. Lillpop

In the eight years that W. was president, liberals chewed up a lot of time and released a lot of hot air into the environment with complaints and whining about a timetable for surrender in Iraq.

Iraq, the war that people like Hillary Clinton supported but then lied about. THAT Iraq!

Now that liberals infest most of Washington, D.C., the American people have a right to know: where is Barack Obama's timetable?

Yes, of course, with respect to Afghanistan and the quagmire that Obama has fostered there.

But on a larger, more pertinent scale, we need to know the timetable for the withdrawal of Barack Obama from the White House.

Waiting until 2012 is NOT an option. We need CHANGE now!

This president needs to bless America with a "Richard Nixon" moment and announce his resignation, effective September 11.

What a symbolic and beautiful gesture that would be!

Imagine the scene: Barack Obama, the first and hopefully last Jihad dude to win the presidency, leaves the lawn of the White House in an Air Force helicopter bound for Midway in Chicago.

Once at a secure heliport at Midway, the deposed president announces his candidacy to succeed Senator Burris, the crook who succeeded him.

That's the way it is done in Chicago, ya know?

Murder and back stabbing are OK, but you must keep the spoils within the family!