Progressive Mandate to Last 40 Years? 40 Weeks More Likely!

By John W. Lillpop

Just more than a year ago, the Democrat Party gave the American people a clear and convincing example of the disunity and chaos that their dysfunctional "family" was capable of.

Remember, this is the party that did not have the collective wherewithal to run a decent primary campaign, at a time when the GOP was splintered from stem to stern by an unpopular president and an unpopular war.

The Democrat Party, with all of its tradition and history, could not find a way to accommodate the delegate-rich states of Florida and Michigan into the primary mix. Unbelievable!

Bloodletting and throat cutting between candidates Obama and Clinton persisted until the very last minute, as super leftist egos clashed in epic battles.

However, liberal apologists insisted that all of that internal bickering from the primaries was healed under the "Obama is God" banner, raised after the deification of Obama at the national convention in Denver last August.

It was "all cool," according to lefty insiders.

After the results of the November 4 elections, who could argue with the notion that liberalism had somehow wedged itself back into mainstream America?

Obamamania, we were told, had delivered America to "progressives" for at least forty years, according to the crystal ball wielded by that kooky Cajun, swamp boy made good, the one and only (Thank God!) James Carville.

Recent events suggest that Carville's crystal ball needs a bailout and more of whatever it is that causes crystal balls to predict the future with at least 10 percent accuracy!

As reported, in part, at politico:

"The White House’s signal that it’s willing to back off support for a public health insurance option has sent congressional liberals into full revolt, bluntly warning the administration that no legislation will pass without a government-run plan.

"A group of left-leaning House Democrats tells POLITICO that a bill without a public option simply won’t win enough votes in their caucus – a sentiment that raises fresh questions about the prospects to enact sweeping health care reform this year."

Mega-dittos for the climate change bill, immigration reform featuring amnesty for invading criminals, and Lord knows how many other evil incantations Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have up their sleazy sleeves.

Forty years, Mr. Carville?

Your gang will be lucky to last forty weeks, given the sputtering and stammering of Obamamania these days.