Seething Rage Replaces Blind Infatuation

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama's falling star is NOT entirely his fault.

Yes it is true that the man has an ego the size of Mt. Rushmore. He is without question the most narcissistic, egotistical, and arrogant president to have occupied the White House during this century.

It is also true that he is an unapologetic Marxist, a man who believes that he has been blessed with the only truth that matters. Only by following his way can America survive and grow, or so he thinks.

However, it was an unhealthy alliance between the mainstream media and vengeful liberals that allowed the Barack Obama myth to grow completely out of control.

That alliance turned an extraordinarily bright and charming man of limited achievement into a combination Messiah and Rock Star who was capable of smiting all of the thorny problems badgering weary Americans.

He would solve the economic crisis quickly and fairly, put desperate Americans back to work, end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, bring the troops home, act to stop global warming from inflicting further harm on Mother earth, keep people from losing their homes to foreclosure, fix the automobile crisis, and heal the wounds resulting from hundreds of years of racial divide and stress.

When needed, he could even take to the national airwaves to recite bedtime stories full of Hope and more Hope to comfort anguished Americans during difficult times.

According to the mythmakers, Barack Obama was all things to all people. A one-stop Nanny solution to all of life's challenges and setbacks.

The only problem is that the myth was lacking in transparency and viability. Like most of the president's policies and actions, the Obama myth was little more than wishful thinking.

Concerned about 46 million uninsured people?

Solution: Cross your fingers, close your eyes and wish for health care reform and PRESTO! you have added 46 million to the ranks of the insured AND reduced costs in the process!

Concerned about terrorism and American homeland security?

Solution: Simply delete the terms "global war on terror" and "Jihad" from the vernacular, and PRESTO! the war on terror is no more!

Concerned about the exploding national debt?

Solution: Spend another few trillion dollars on unneeded programs and PRESTO! you have bought a way off the debt- begets- debt -begets- debt treadmill and are headed to prosperity and greener grass on the other side, forever!

So it was that the Obama Myth grew and grew, sort of at the same time and pace as the Mexican Swine flu as it were.

Unlike the Mexican flu, however, the Obama myth was without substance.

As someone famous once said about Oakland, California, "There is no there there!"

With Barack Obama, there is no there there, either.

That reality has started to resonate with millions of Americans who finally realize that the promised Messiah is actually a community organizer and Robin Hood want- to- be who does not grasp the laws of supply and demand.

A Robin Hood who spreads poverty rather than wealth!

Barack Obama, it turns out, is just another black kid with a chip on his shoulder, but without a clue about how to manage the complex and massive issues confronting a nation of three hundred million people.

Again, it is not entirely Obama's fault. We allowed him to hoodwink both himself and we the people at the same time!