Please Stop Whining and Move On, Mr. President!

By John W. Lillpop

With all due respect to President Obama, it is time to stifle the impulse to whine about every sign of opposition to his very radical agenda, and to stop blaming George W. Bush for every bit of bad news.

Claiming credit for every bit of good news while lamenting all the bad as "inherited" may bamboozle dim wits like those at Daily Kos, but is not persuasive to normal Americans.

After all, Mr. Obama, you knew the challenges going in. Your wanted the job, remember?

In fact, you spent $750 million dollars and employed fraud specialists at ACORN to win the job, remember?

Your problem is that you over promised based on your naive over estimation of your own capabilities.

Those who voted for you did so with the expectation that you would work to solve problems, rather than waste valuable time blaming the Bush administration for bequeathing unto you an inherited mess.

At this point, sir, no one much cares about blaming George W. Bush anymore.

It is YOUR economic mess, YOUR exploding deficit, YOUR near 10 percent unemployment, YOUR quagmire in Afghanistan, YOUR terror problem.


New polls indicate that most Americans do not approve of YOUR performance, sir!

The American people want to Move On, sir.