President Obama's Vacation Musings

Satire by John W. Lillpop

By now, President Obama must be longing for his good old days as an U.S. Senator, or even better, as Community Organize on the streets of Chicago.

Things were far less unsettling back then. No town hall meetings with irate citizens to contend with.

Back in Chicago, the citizens and illegal aliens would line up in an orderly fashion and you would dole out the booty. No mess, no fuss, and no FOX news!

No Cindy Sheehan parading outside your window as a part of her annual mental breakdown. Has she forgotten who started that damn war? Won't someone please buy her a one-way ticket to Dallas or Crawford, or wherever it is that W. escaped to?

No screaming headlines about Afghanistan turning into the son of Viet Nam, on my watch. No Russ Feingold spewing hatred by calling for time lines for withdrawal of our troops, for God's sake.

Hey, Russ, wake up buddy! It's Barack, fellow Democrat. All that time line crap was supposed to be put away at 12:01 PM, on the afternoon of January 20. Remember?

Back in the good old days there were no pundits hounding your every financial move and blaming you for the "exploding deficit."

Just what in the hell is an "exploding deficit" anyhow? Does the roof of the U.S. Treasury burst into flames, shooting a plume of red ink 40,000 feet into the DC sky?

That's would be bad for the environment and Al Gore would have a cow. Maybe twins. Hope Geithner is on top of that.

No Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to deal with by pretending that they are financial, military, environmental, and social gurus who know what is best for America. Those are two of the dumbest whack jobs I have ever met. How did they get elected and then reelected?

No Joe Biden. God of my life: No Joe Biden. That amiable dim wit is giving me lung cancer--with him roaming around unrestrained, I am back up to two packs a day!

Oh, for the good old days of corrupt, mob-infested Chicago.

Wonder if Mayor Daley needs an experienced fundraiser with ACORN expertise for his next election campaign?