Three Utterly Despicable Words

By John W. Lillpop

For nearly seven months, scores of millions of Americans have struggled and strained to incorporate three despicable words into our language and culture.

Three words that, even now, still cause nausea and stomach cramps, particularly among genuine patriots and those who love America.

Three words that cause even the most dedicated advocates of democracy to question whether that form of self-governance can, in fact, work.

Three words that challenge the assumption that the American people are generally wise, prudent and trustworthy.

Three words that suggest that 9/11 never happened.

Three words that would abandon America's commitment to that nation of Israel.

Three words that suggest that sound economic principles and free market capitalism are being abandoned in favor of "spread the wealth" socialism and tens of trillions of national debt.

Three words that embrace a strategy which would reduce America's defense and home land security in order to spend more money on unnecessary and wasteful social programs.

Three words that seek to use the tax code to punish success and achievement in order to reward mediocrity and sloth.

Three words that ridicule the Constitution and the notion that all three branches of government are equal.

Three words that replace judicial restraint and adherence to the Constitution with empathy and affirmative action as standards for selecting Supreme Court nominees.

Three words that embrace the notion that God-fearing, pro-life, pro-America patriots are "right wing extremists."

Three words that suggest that America is to blame for all the world's problems and must, therefore, apologize for Yankee ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit and innovative; qualities which have made this the greatest nation in human history.

Three words that make "tax and spend" policies mandatory for establishment and maintenance of a fascist nanny state.

Three words that ridicule American borders, language, and culture.

Three words that suspend the "rule of law" in favor of racial politics when it comes to the black panthers and illegal aliens.

Three words that reflect disdain for our dedicated and long time allies in favor of crack pot dictators and communists.

Three words that deny America's Judeo-Christian roots.

Three words that reflect contempt and loathing for American culture, history, and values.

Three words that symbolize the ongoing refusal to accept responsibility and to blame the last administration for all current problems.

Three words that reflect the deep-rooted, hateful racism that causes one to accuse a white police officer of acting "stupidly" simply for doing his job.

The three utterly despicable words? President Barack Obama!