America's New "At Risk" Populace

By John W. Lillpop

Until very recently, the term "at risk" generally referred to low-income, minority youngsters without access to the resources and emotional support deemed necessary to develop into productive and law-abiding citizens.

Being designated "at risk" usually meant one was eligible to receive nearly unlimited goodies from federal, state, and local bleeding heart bureaucrats, all of whom were trained to find and nurture your "inner child" with other people's money.

It was almost like winning the lottery, except there were no taxes to be paid. At risk meant the goodies all went directly to you, the alleged victim.

The fact that your parents were not married to each other and were drug addicted alcoholics who robbed banks and engaged in prostitution to support themselves was not a mark against you; in fact, it usually meant you were a high priority for receiving cash handouts. Immediately.

However, under the guise of urgently needed health care reform, liberals in the United States government are in the process of expanding the definition of "at risk" to include those who are "takers" rather than "givers" in our new, diverse society.

Under the ObamaCare scheme, you are "at risk" if you are 55 or holder and:

Are Caucasian.

Take prescription medications.

Have served honorably in the United States military.

Speak and write only English.

Believe that acting out at Tea parties and Town Hall meetings is free speech and protected by the First Amendment.

Oppose abortion, illegal immigration, higher taxes, same sex marriage and Al Gore's campaign to wipe out global warming.

Have voted Republican within the past 10 years and/or are currently registered as a Republican.

The new "at risk" category is a humane and just solution to exploding deficits because it "spreads the wealth" by encouraging those who have led the good life to seek their rewards in the hereafter.

It is a subtle expansion of Joe Biden's philosophy, which holds that paying higher taxes is patriotic.

Under ObamaCare, getting off Social Security and Medicare ASAP is damn near as heroic as getting blasted to smithereens in Obama's Afghanistan quagmire!