Liberals Resort to Recycled Mcarthyism

John W. Lillpop

Perhaps lunatics like Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, and other fascist liberals are correct in asserting that Town Hall meetings have been taken over by Swastika- carrying Nazis, corrupt medical professionals and other un-American characters.

Good call, lefties.

The late and honorable Joseph McCarthy would beam with pride to know that more than 50 years following his death, Mcarthyism is alive and well, driven by a need to stomp out un-American behavior.

However, McCarthy's pride would quickly give way to despair upon learning that the Pelosi-Boxer-Obama brand of Mcarthyism targets patriotic Americans rather than our enemies.

Even so, liberal excesses still elicit nostalgic memories of the notorious House Un-American Activities Committee from the 50s.

President Obama needs to make sure that his administration does not resort to black boot and brown shirt diplomacy in order to control the health care debate.

Perhaps a "Town Hall Czar" is called for, Mr. President?