Amnesty for Barack?

By John W. Lillpop

If liberals succeed in ending the illegal alien kerfuffel by magically turning invading criminals into full-fledged citizens, a most interesting wrinkle to the Obama eligibility issue may ensue.

Namely, if President Obama signs legislation, which essentially pardons foreign invaders for criminal acts against American sovereignty and the American people, will the president himself by covered?

Will our Marxist president be able to instantly silence the "birthers" and other genuine patriots with a flick of his bic whereby he becomes a citizen by virtue of his own illegal signature?

Will he need a valid birth certificate to qualify? Ooops!

Conversely, if the dunderheads in Congress fail to pass amnesty, and should Obama's crimes against America continue, the looming question might be:

Should President Obama be impeached or deported?

What does the Constitution say about an illegal alien who buys the presidency and then commits high crimes and misdemeanors?

This is NOT a frivolous issue. We live in a remarkable age where the world can go topsy- turvy in a heartbeat.

As for me, I say let us be safe and do the conservative thing: Impeach Obama and then deport him!

Do it NOW!