Teddy, the Lady Killer

By John W. Lillpop

How is it that when a person dies, even the most despicable cad imaginable, a politically correct moratorium is immediately imposed to prevent the truth about the deceased from being mentioned?

Mind you, it is perfectly acceptable to conjure up all sorts of fluff and flattery, including downright lies, to send the dearly departed off in the best light possible.

President Barack Obama will confront this odd cultural dilemma when he steps before a large crowd to deliver the eulogy for Ted Kennedy, former senator from Massachusetts and renowned "Lion of the Left."

Or to be more precise, "Lying of the Left."

Obama already tripped the transparency and truth alarms when he declared that Kennedy was "the greatest senator of our time," at best an ignorant exaggeration, at worse a damnable lie.

Perhaps the president will redeem himself with an honest and objective eulogy, one that recognizes Kennedy's strengths while acknowledging his weaknesses as well.

Well, not ALL of Kennedy's weaknesses, for goodness sake. Time constraints should limit the president to citing, say, the top 50.

At the very top of the list, Obama should call out Kennedy as a Lady-Killer.

Figuratively speaking, Ted Kennedy was quite an accomplished charmer and skirt chaser. Being married was important to this man of faith, but not THAT important.

Kennedy was also a Lady-Killer in the literal sense as those who remember, or have heard about July 19, 2009 will recall.

For on that fateful day, the body of a 29-year old Lady named Mary Jo Kopechne was discovered inside an overturned car belonging to Senator Ted Kennedy, under water in a tidal channel on Chappaquiddick Island, Massachusetts.

Ted Kennedy, the man who was to become an icon in the fight for women's rights, didn't put up much of a fight for Mary Jo on that night because he was too blasted drunk.

Wonder if President Obama will include the Chappaquiddick Incident in his eulogy?