Why Obama Does Not Care About Granny's Health Needs

By John W. Lillpop

During President Obama's health care show and tell on ABC, he tried desperately to make a logical and yet compassionate argument for encouraging old grandmas in frail health to simply die and reduce the excess population.

According to Obama, it is far better for the old gal to move on to the next dimension without delay, rather than wasting taxpayer money on withered old bodies and minds that no longer contribute positively to the common good.

Obamacare would apparently rely on a detailed called cost benefit analysis to determine whether granny should get that pacemaker or be sized for an inexpensive casket and funeral right now.

With the US government calling the shots, granny does not stand much of a chance.

To begin with, she no longer generates an income that can be taxed. Even worse, she draws a monthly social security check and uses Medicare services that cost the government a pretty penny every month.

All things considered, grandma is a net drain on the economy, despite all of that wisdom and love that still makes her a national treasure.

Do not expect a liberal bail out for granny.

Mind you, empathy is a prerequisite when it comes to Supreme Court nominees, but is extraneous and unnecessary when it comes to caring for the old.

We simply can no longer afford to indulge our affection and love for those whom gave us life, raised and cared for us, and passed on the values that has made America the greatest nation in human history.

How did it come to this? Why is the Obama generation so callous and disrespectful toward those in their golden years?

The answer: Follow the money and the votes.

According to Obamacare, granny is a toxic asset and one that should be moved off the government books as soon as possible in order to fund health care and other public services for 12-38 million illegal aliens who are seen as future Democrats.

Every dollar spent on a hearing aid for your 72-year-old grandma is one less dollar that Obama can spend on a family of illegal aliens who can be counted on to work and pay taxes for decades.

And if things turn out as planned, those families will vote straight Democrat for decades, thereby guaranteeing a liberal monopoly on government for generations.

But what of society's moral responsibility to seniors who also happen to be American citizens?

Moral responsibility is not a tangible element in the cost-benefit analysis model for Obamacare and must, therefore, be ignored.

Welcome to Obamacare.

Please leave your heart and mind behind--they have no place in a world dominated by CHANGE.