Why Not Test Drive Obamacare Before Trashing the Best?

By John W. Lillpop

Pity poor President Obama. So much CHANGE to deliver, but so few trillions of dollars of taxpayer money to work with.

So many special interests to satisfy, so many campaign debts and unrealistic promises coming due all at once.

Obama's latest fiasco is a $1.6 trillion dollar Marxist scheme to "spread the wealth" when it comes to health care.

If enacted, Obamacare will dump the greatest health care system on the planet and replace it with a government run HMO.

From the best to the worst, for only $1.6 trillion dollars! Such a deal!

Still, America's 12-40 million illegal aliens would be covered and that should earn the Anointed One and Democrats a few million illegal votes at the next election.

The most amusing aspect of Obamacare is in the math. How in Hades can you cover 46 million previously uninsured people and reduce costs?

Answer: The same way you create jobs by wasting $1 trillion on a "stimulus" pork bill--with exaggeration and out right lies!

But perhaps Obamacare is getting a bad rap from those of us too anxious to find fault with this president.

Perhaps we should compromise and agree to a test drive to provide an objective assessment of Obamacare?

Here is how it would work: Implement the president's health care program on a provisional basis.

That is, force all federal employees including the president and his family, his cabinet, all members of Congress and their staffs, and members of the US Supreme Court to meet all of their medical needs with Obamacare for the next 18 months.

Make it mandatory that all health care services, even to the president's young daughters, be secured from Obamacare.

After 18 months, let us look at the results and see if Obamacare really works.

If it does work, then what is good enough for the liberal elite should be good enough for the unwashed masses!

If it does not work, chalk it up to another failed idea from a community organizer way in over his head!