Lusty Chorus of Boos Mock Obama's "I Have a Scheme" Speech

By John W. Lillpop

It seems like decades ago that the greatest nation of earth began a mind-boggling experiment in liberal guilt abatement called Obamamania.

That phenomenon essentially turned the mantle of federal power over to a young, handsome and charismatic, but tragically unqualified, black man from the streets of Chicago.

Just five months ago, the Windy City turned itself upside down in celebrating the coronation-deification of Barack Obama whose formula for CHANGE would, we were promised, fix all of the messes left by his predecessor, the unlovable George W. Bush, and all who preceded W. in mismanaging the government from the Oval Office.

From the depressed economy to the war on terror, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the health care crisis, failing automobile industry, illegal immigration disaster, to America's battered image among Mullahs and communist dictators all across the globe, this Obama fellow was the answer.

So we were told.

As it turns out, Barack Obama has gone from the pinnacle of adoration and glory to being the object of lusty of boos in just five short months.

Moreover, in his hometown while speaking from the presidential lectern to boot!

As reported, in part, at http://topics.breitbart.com/Chicago/:

"Barack Obama isn't used to hearing boos.

"For all the young president's popularity, the response he got Monday from doctors at an American Medical Association meeting was a sign his road is only going to get rockier as he tries to sell his plan to overhaul the nation's health care system.

"The boos erupted when Obama told the doctors in Chicago he wouldn't try to help them win their top legislative priority—limits on jury damages in medical malpractice cases.

"But what could they expect? If Obama announced support for malpractice limits, that would set trial lawyers and unions—major supporters of Democratic candidates—on the attack. Not to mention consumer groups."

Still, there IS hope: Mid-term elections are but 17 months away, at which time the American people can isolate the Obamamania pandemic by removing many of his left wing co-conspirators from the US Congress!