How Liberal Is SF? Here, DA Says Illegal Aliens "Follow the Rules"

By John W. Lillpop

San Francisco has been called many things over the years.

Being called a city that is richly blessed with leaders who practice common sense in enforcing the rule of law is not among them.

This is the city where Mayor Gavin Newsom decided, unilaterally, that the state Constitution and the majority of voters were dead wrong about same-sex marriage, a situation he personally attempted to "right" by marrying gay and lesbian couples on the steps of City Hall.

San Francisco is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo liberal that they keep sending Nancy Pelosi back to the US House.

Mind you, there is no other place on earth that would elect Ms. Pelosi to any position higher than village idiot. She is that daft!

Breaking news: It is time to add the name of San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris to the list of liberal scalawags who should be in jail rather than elective office.

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, in part:


"San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris said Tuesday that half a dozen illegal immigrants whose drug convictions were expunged as part of a job training program that she oversaw were "following the rules" and deserved to be exonerated even after prosecutors learned of their status."

You read that correctly. This is not made up.

The District Attorney of San Francisco worked on behalf of illegal aliens in order to expunge drug convictions from their records.

And she now says that the illegal aliens were "following the rules."

One must read this sort of gibberish at least or four three times to make sure that the words are not truncated or a reporter's very bad joke.

The referenced report continues, in part:

"Prosecutors tightened guidelines, the district attorney said, after learning last summer that a man enrolled in Harris' Back on Track program was an illegal immigrant who allegedly robbed and assaulted a woman in Pacific Heights.

"The suspect in that case, Alexander Izaguirre, was the only one of the seven enrollees who turned out to be illegal immigrants who did anything wrong while in the program, Harris said."

Aha! Now it is starting to make what we call "San Francisco Sense."

In the minds and hearts of ding bats here, everything is cool because only one of the illegal aliens sponsored by the DA "did anything wrong."

Provided, that is, that you overlook the fact that being here illegally is---well, illegal, and to most people, wrong.

More from the report:

"This is an innovative program that has actually been proven to work, except with this one issue, which we corrected when we learned about it," Harris said.

"Once Izaguirre happened, bright lights flashed," she said. "It was crystal clear when that happened, and we fixed it."

"Harris said that although it was implicit that people in the program need to be able to obtain and hold jobs legally, her office had not made that explicit until after she learned about the Izaguirre case. "We needed to make it explicit," she said.

"Then she faced the question of what to do with the six other offenders her staff learned were already in the program but could not legally hold jobs - presumably because they were in the United States illegally

"When the issue was presented to us, a group of knowledgeable people - good legal minds - made a decision that I agreed with, to go ahead and (let the six) graduate," Harris said.

"The reasoning as presented to me was very sound," Harris said. "They were following the rules of the program, following and abiding by the arrangement, the contract."

Good legal minds, Ms. DA?

in San Francisco would the District Attorney, charged with prosecuting criminals in most sophisticated large cities, work on behalf of illegal aliens using taxpayer funds, and then defend her madness as based on "sound reasoning."

Another wrinkle from the same report:

"Prosecutors did not tell federal immigration authorities about the undocumented offenders. The city attorney has said "custodial agencies," in this case the Sheriff's Department, have that responsibility, Harris said.

"The Sheriff's Department does not know whether it reported Izaguirre and the other illegal immigrants to federal authorities when they were in county jail. Sheriff's officials say that in some cases the offenders may have been released or posted bail before deputies could learn their immigration status.

"Izaguirre, however, was deemed to fit the department's criteria for notifying the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency when he was arrested on cocaine-dealing charges in December 2007, sheriff's spokeswoman Eileen Hirst said. There is no record that the department ever alerted federal authorities; Hirst said it has since improved its record keeping."

Imagine living in a city where the DA works on behalf of criminals and the Sheriff's department cannot keep simple records.

Now for the biggest laugh of all: San Franciscans call themselves The City that Knows How!