800 # for California Liberals Who Crave Higher Taxes

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Since the tragedy of May 19, when California votes said Hell No! to higher taxes, addicted moon bats have wept non-stop at the insensitivity and callous greed that have apparently overtaken California taxpayers.

Many of the more extreme tax addicts have even declared that being denied the opportunity to pay higher taxes is a civil rights issue on a par with abortion and same sex marriage.

As a result, several 12-step programs have been formed in undisclosed private locations to provide support and understanding to liberals who crave higher taxes, but whom voters have forsaken with discriminatory measures like Proposition 13 and other Nazi-inspired, anti-tax tricks.

Pattered after the famous AA program, Dimwits for Higher Taxes Anonymous (DHTA) opens each meeting with a video message from Joe Biden in which the befuddled VP points out the many advantages of paying higher taxes, including a greater sense of patriotism and freedom from the worldly temptations that result when one has too much money floating about.

As Joe says, "Money is the root of all evil, except when it comes to clean and articulate African Americans running for president!"

DHTA members recently vote to declare May 19 "Black Tuesday" to commemorate the loss of revenue for funding worthless social programs favored by liberals.

In addition, DHTA has established a new 800 # for liberals in the grips of detox brought about by lower withholding from their paychecks or similar abuse.

The number is 800-idiots4hightaxes. Leave a message at the tone and a prominent Democrat from the legislature will return your call with helpful hints for paying higher taxes without getting caught.