Obama Says Health Care "Ticking Time Bomb," Blasts Fear Mongering!

By John W. Lillpop

When it comes to health care, President Obama seems to be talking in circles, something one does when transparency is just not prudent.

Speaking before the American Medical Association (AMA) in Chicago on Monday, Obama resorted to fear mongering in order to make his point during his "I have a Scheme" address.

As reported at MSNBC, in part:


"The president repeated that he is "open" to a mandate requiring all Americans to have health insurance. But he said that any plan must address the rising costs of a system he called a 'ticking time bomb' for the federal budget."

During the same address, the president lambasted those who disagree with his ideas by accusing them of using scare tactics and fear mongering.

As reported at breitbart.com, in part:


"Pushing again to get the health care system overhauled, President Obama is arguing that people must be aware of "scare tactics and fear mongering."

According to Barack Obama, when he uses hyperbole and exaggeration, it is for the benefit of the American people.

When opposition is expressed to one of his Marxist brainstorms, it is scare tactics and fear mongering.

Mind you, this president has a five-month history of using fear mongering in order to sell his socialist pap.

For example, that hideous, trillion-dollar pork package, euphemistically termed a "stimulus" bill that the president claimed was needed so urgently that there was no time to read the damn thing, much less intelligently debate it.

The one that is not creating jobs, but is burying future generations of Americans in debt to China.

Rarely does VP Joe Biden provide much in the way of enlightenment on anything regarding public policy. However, Biden was exactly right on Sunday when he said, “everyone guessed wrong” on the impact of the economic stimulus.

Given the fact that this president has not guessed right yet on anything, does it not make sense to rigorously challenge his wisdom and judgment before wasting another trillion dollars of taxpayer money on a socialist scheme that may, in fact, bring ruin to the best medical system on the planet?

Then again, perhaps calling for reasoned thought and debate on socialized medicine is another example of "fear mongering" and scare tactics?