What Amnesty for Illegal Aliens Really Means

By John W. Lillpop

Granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, as liberals hope to do, is far more pernicious than bending the rules slightly to accommodate your El Salvadoran gardener or that polite Guatemalean waiter in your favorite fast food restaurant.

Amnesty literally means that:

* Politicians elected to serve We the People have willfully decided to ignore existing law when it suits them. This galling "in your face" attitude is found in both parties.

What would happen if We the People were to follow the example set by our leaders and refuse to obey the law when it comes to, say, providing all information requested by census takers, or registering for selective service? Paying taxes?

* America's immigration system is NOT broken: Existing laws can prevent illegal immigration if enforced. The notion that illegal immigration cannot be prevented is leftist malarkey designed to discourage right thinking politicians from doing what is right on behalf of the American people.

* Illegal aliens cost America approximately $100 billion a year for education, health care and other public services to which they are not entitled.

YOUR government, the one that refuses to enforce existing laws, has decided to reach into the pockets of American citizens to fund programs for illegal aliens whom would not even be here if government was fullfilling its Constitutional obligations.

* While illegal aliens are rewarded for breaking and entering our nation, those who wish to come to America legally by following the rules are told to "stand in line and wait your turn."

Whatever happened to "spreading the wealth" in a fair and equitable manner?

* If a path to citizenship is provided for illegal aliens, those invaders will provide the wayward Democrat party with millions of "instant" voters.

The millions of votes cast for Democrats by former illegal aliens will offset votes cast by legitimate American citizens. That is literally an attempt to overthrow the government with illegal aliens!

Bottom line: Let your elected officials know that you oppose amnesty (defined as anything short of deportation) and demand that existing laws be enforced. NOW!

Furthermore, help the cause by mowing your own lawn, washing your own car, and swearing off high fat, high salt, and high carbohydrate foods found in fast food eateries!