New Housing Boom: "Obama Huts" on West Bank

Satire by John W. Lillpop

It had to happen sooner or later: Some good economic news was bound to peek through the gloom, doom brought about by this spend and tax abomination called Obamanomics.

And so it is, a just released report indicates that our too- clever- by- half president has single-handedly inspired a dramatic building boom.

However, before dashing off to buy that 130 inch plasma television, a real steal at $30,000 (installed), to celebrate the post-depression era, understand one fact:

Obama's mindless meddling has indeed caused a building boom--of new settlements in the West Bank!

Dubbed "Obama Huts" by Jewish wags, the new settlements are a testimony to the damage that an inexperienced and unqualified community organizer can unwittingly bring to the most volatile spot on earth.

As reported, in part, at jpost.com:


"In defiance of US President Barack Obama's call on Israel to stop settlement activity, defiant settlers built a new outpost on Friday morning between Migron and Kochav Ya'acov.

"At the outpost, which they named Oz Yehonatan, the settlers built a wooden structure they mockingly called the "Obama Hut," saying it was a sign of appreciation for the US president for his actions that had led to a dramatic rise in the number of outposts.

"One of the activists said of Obama, "He's an Arab Muslim and a gentile, he is fighting against the Jewish people and has declared that he will continue to do so. We already stated our intention to continue to build, no matter who is fighting us - Egypt, Germany or the US."

" National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari voiced his support for the settlers' actions saying the West Bank's Jewish communities were an established fact.

"Obama, in his audacity, dreams that 350,000 Jews can
be removed from Judea and Samaria, but they are a fact that cannot be changed."

Perhaps President Obama can be prevailed upon to inspire a domestic housing boom, using the same tactics he used in the Middle East?

What say, Mr. President? Why not issue a public declaration banning the building of any new homes and resale of existing units, until the mortgage industry has been destroyed, ALA Detroit automakers?

Who knows? Such an order from Obama might inspire a home building and buying frenzy of unprecedented proportions.

Then the president could take on unemployment by ordering private industry to stop hiring new employees until inflation is under control.

Hell, given enough "Obama Bans" to deal with, this great nation might be able to defy its way back to prosperity without spending a nickel of stimulus pork!