We the People Need a Tyranny Czar

By John W. Lillpop

America's grand experiment in democratic self-governance is under assault as never before in our nation's nearly 233-year history.

Consider the following:

America's system of checks and balances, designed to safeguard against tyranny, is in shambles.

Thus, our tyrannical president, committed to replacing free and private enterprise with government run socialism, is able to do so, virtually at will.

That same tyrannical president is able to downgrade national defense, drive the nation to the cusp of financial ruin, and trash the best health care system in the world in favor of a government run HMO, again virtually unchallenged.

Our tyrannical president is able to use tax laws as a tool for punishing the successful in order to reward the mediocre.

He is able to bow before foreign kings, denounce America and her leaders while on foreign soil, and apologize for American superiority as though it were a curse rather than a blessing.

He is able to ignore the dangers of open borders and to thumb his nose at the rule of law when it comes to millions of illegal aliens and their pilfering of public services.

He is able to thwart all checks and balances by appointing Czars of this, that, and the other, responsible to no one but our tyrannical president himself.

Simply put, there is no oversight of government in America these days.


Of course, oversight is the very last thing on the minds of Democrats like Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid whom share the president's radical agenda and have majorities in both chambers of Congress.

We the People used to rely on a free and robust press to keep an eye on government and alert us to tyranny whenever it reared its ugly head.

Unfortunately, today's mainstream media worship the liberal president as if he were a New Age Messiah and they solidly support his willing co-conspirators in Congress.

So-called objective journalists at ABC have even decided to move into the White House itself, in order to promote our tyrannical president's Marxist scheme for health care.

Imagine the horror if conservative "news" had been broadcast from the Blue Room during the Nixon Watergate scandal?

All in all, We the People, in our haste and fear, have chosen tyranny over freedom.

If only there were a Tyranny Czar to represent the American people!