Advice for Obama: Find a "Wise Latina" and Nominate Her!

By John W. Lillpop

Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama's nominee to the US Supreme Court, has created a partisan and Constitutional row as comments from her past are scrutinized and made public.

Because of the dirty laundry that Sotomayor brings with her, President Obama would be well advised to excuse the lady from consideration, allowing her to return to New York state where she can continue her judicial record of being overturned 85 percent of the time.

What better proof that Sotomayor is not qualified than the fact that six of seven (85percent) of her rulings have been found to be in error by the US Supreme Court?

Clearly, this woman does not think like a Supreme Court justice, at least 85 percent of the time!

To a community organizer who has never been held accountable for anything, an 85 percent failure rate may be perfectly acceptable.

But in the real world, it is not.

President Obama needs to take a deep breath and let go of his monster ego for a moment. Those who serve on the Supreme Court will impact millions of lives for decades.

With all due respect, sir, this is NOT like a game of pick up basketball, this is for real.

Obama should begin an immediate search for a nominee to replace Sotomayor. Hints for conducting that search:

Avoid any judge foolish enough to have publicly remarked (on several occasions) that a person who shares the judge's gender and race would reach a better decision than a white male.

Avoid, too, any judge who is on record as saying that making policy is a function of the judiciary, rather than vested in the legislature as specified in the Constitution.

Following these rules may ultimately lead Obama to a "wise Latina."

However, that person sure as hell will not be Sonia Sotomayor!