Urgent Need for "Anger Management Czar" in White House

By John W. Lillpop

There he goes again.

With world attention focused on Barack Obama's "surrender to Islam" speech in Cairo, the Anointed One took the opportunity to establish a new, meaningless position within the bureaucracy that is the White House.

A new "pay czar" joins a legion of new hires used by the administration to puff up employment numbers and tout the success of the left's stimulus piglet.

Unfortunately, Obama has pissed off the lords of private industry so thoroughly that those who actually create jobs and wealth are dumping employees at a much higher rate, which is why unemployment continues to soar.

Michelle Obama's dumping of her staff did not help, although the FLOTUS had the good grace to wait until the May unemployment data were out before wielding the White House ax on her minions.

In truth, Obama's "czars this and czars that" are a colossal waste of taxpayer money and do nothing but distort the unemployment picture.

What America really needs is an "Anger Management Czar" to serve both the president and Michelle right there in the White House.

As El Rushbo wisely noted during his June 4 broadcast, seething anger seems to behind most of the president's policy making these days.

Michelle Obama is apparently experiencing similar bouts of repressed anger as well, which, when unsuppressed, can cost people their jobs.

Both the president and first lady seem to be harboring deep, gut wrenching resentments for slavery and racial discrimination, issues largely resolved in America years ago.

In their haste to be recognized as permanently scarred victims of white America, the Obama's overlook the fact that they have both achieved fortune and fame that no amount of audacity will confer on the vast majority of white, privileged Americans.

The Obama's are very well educated, adored by many, hold tremendous power, made nearly $3 million in 2008, and send their children to private schools where the unwashed dare not tread.

To quote a tasteless and perfectly appropriate fast food commercial, "Where's the beef?"

Let's add an "Anger Management Czar" to the White House staff and find out!