Why the Gooey-Eyed Obsession With Bilingualism?

By John W. Lillpop

Just what is it about bilingualism that pushes certain liberals over the edge and into the streets as "Tower of Babel" sales sharks?

Take Barack Obama, for example.

Although the Anointed One rarely makes much sense, his cynical brand of radical extremism was particularly evident when he foolishly chided Americans for not being more language diverse.

This despite the fact that the Obama One is, himself, fluent only in English. Bilingual he is not, and not likely to become.

Obama's offensive language meddling during the 2008 campaign reflects a gooey-eyed predilection for bilingualism common among clueless liberals.

According to elitist "progressive" standards, speaking at least two languages automatically makes one a better citizen of the world, more spiritual, more human, more deserving of everything including sexual pleasure.

Proficiency in three or more languages confers the honor of Intellectual Elitist on one so blessed, according to liberals.


Fact of the matter is that bilingualism is promoted in America for two equally sinister reasons:

* To provide additional income for teachers who specialize in ripping off the public in multiple languages, a skill which earns said educators premium pay, and

* To pander to illegal aliens who want all of the goodies accruing to those living in America, but who have absolutely no interest whatsoever in assimilating into American mainstream culture.

Despite the fact that English is the language of international business as well as being mandatory for those who work in the airline industry everywhere on the planet, far too many Hispanics are down right skittish when it comes to English.

For such people, bilingualism is cool, provided that the two languages involved are Mexican and Spanish.

When push comes to shove, such people inevitably stoop to charges of Racism! against Americans who advocate preservation of English as the language of commerce, law, education, government, and culture in these United States.

Unfortunately, liberals almost always join Hispanics in their bitter opposition to English; greedy Democratic politicians trolling for Hispanic votes are the culprits here.

However, while the left can be counted on to scream Racism! at anything even remotely resembling pro-English advocacy, these same warriors become dead silent when it comes to Hispanics and their fondness for Spanish.

How is it that American citizens who are strongly pro-English can be thought of as bigoted racists, while Hispanics who are just as ardently pro-Spanish (and anti-English) are not?

During his "talking down" to American parents about language diversity, Barack Obama went so far as to suggest that adults should assure that their children can speak and understand Spanish.

Time to wake up, Mr. Obama, and other out-of-touch liberals!

Trashing people for speaking their native tongue at home, and then nagging at them to learn a foreign language common to illegal aliens, may be cool for a "Community Organizer" in Illinois, but it is downright foolish for a elected to serve in the White House on behalf of American citizens.

Rather than encouraging Americans to learn Spanish, Obama should remind Hispanic parents that English is the international language of business, and is increasingly so every day. English proficiency is also required for US citizenship.

Hispanic parents with a genuine concern for the future well being of their children should make sure that those children can speak, write, and understand English. Fluently!

Which is not to say that proficiency in multiple languages should not be encouraged.

However, it is to say that first and foremost, children should be taught English. Nothing should interfere with achievement of that objective.

For enlightenment, consider what is happening in France:

As reported in the Daily Mail article found at the link, Xavier Darcos, France's Education Minister, has now admitted for the first time that the secret to success is speaking better English, and says that poor English is a 'handicap' because all international business is conducted in the language.

Darcos added that he wanted to make it easier for all French students to learn English, saying that 'while well-off families pay for study sessions abroad, I'm offering them to everyone right here.'

He went on to state that said French schools would offer extra English lessons during the holidays.


A final admonition to Hispanics: By all means, teach your children Spanish if that is your wish, but not until they are completely fluent and literate in English!