How Long Before Obama Takes Credit for Fixing Oil Leak?

By John W. Lillpop

Now that it appears as though BP has successfully capped the oil leak in the Gulf, The One and his Chicago handlers are no doubt huddled in dark, secluded rooms of the White House writing out a script for Obama to use to in taking credit for ending the mess.

With the same brazen disregard for facts used in declaring that he “Saved” the U.S. economy and kept unemployment from even more hideous highs, and Joe Biden’s absurd claim of achievement in Iraq, so it will be that Team Obama will boldly declare that it was at Obama’s behest that the spill crisis was solved.

80 days on, mind you.

Obama will no doubt hold a prime-time television press conference to praise himself for saving the environment.

He will probably say something like:

“By keeping our feet on the necks of BP executives, we were able to solve a problem that Republicans said was hopeless. By using the might and force of big government, I have effectively “kicked ass” on behalf of the common man and woman.

“Or as BP likes to call them, the “little people.”

“Let the message go forth to board rooms, country clubs, and yachts, but not golf courses, all over the world:

“The “Little People” have found a voice in this administration. Friends and neighbors, we inherited yet another crisis from the past administration, but with a righteous wind at our backs, we have prevailed.”

“As Michelle has so cleverly pointed out, there are thousands of miles of clean, pristine beaches for the American people to enjoy in the Gulf States.

“We whole heartedly recommend that patriotic Americans visit the Gulf states and spend, spend, spend!”

“Unfortunately, because of scheduling conflicts we will not be able to take questions from the media. Michelle, the girls and I are committed to spreading the wealth to needy beaches in Maine.”

“Once again, voters, remember that Progressive insight and action has blessed America. Good Day!”