Mexican Stupidity Runs Wild at Ball Game!

John W. Lillpop

OK, pretend that you are a vocal and passionate opponent of Arizona’s law SB 1070. In your warped view, it is racist, bigoted, just plain wrong.

You decide to make your views known by running onto the field during a game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Mets in the Bog Apple.

That should make national headlines and wake people up to your side of the story, right?

As reported at myfoxny.com, your brilliant strategy has one major flaw: At the appointed time, you and your buddy run the bases with a Mexican flag in tow!

As your humble remains are carried off the field by police while 50,000 or so fans chant, “USA! USA! USA!” you wonder: Where did we go wrong?

And that is why you do not belong in America!