Lessons Learned from the Shirley Sherrod Debacle

By John W. Lillpop

Several invaluable lessons were imparted as a result of the Shirley Sherrod debacle:

All Humans ARE Capable of Racism

Over the years, it has been argued (illogically) by some that racism is an evil that lingers only in the hearts and minds of Caucasians. That myth was laid to rest in spades as Sherrod described her racist thoughts and beliefs and eventual abandonment of that wrong.

Knee-Jerk Reactions Exacerbate Rather Than Ease

Once again, the Obama administration reacted impulsively to an explosive racial issue and, in doing so, made the situation worse.

As was the case last summer when Obama chastened a white police officer for arresting a black professor at Harvard and friend of the president without knowing the facts, this time the ax of “stupidity” fell on Shirley Sherrod who was fired before the facts were known.

Obama’s Lack of Competence Includes Race

Candidate Obama promised to usher in the post-racial era of tolerance and mutual respect. However, President Obama is just as incompetent on this issue as he is with the economy, terrorism, immigration, health care, and every other major issue for which competent leadership is needed.

Using Race As Political Weapon Prevents Healing

Has America reached the point where intelligent discourse about race is impossible?

Rather than addressing the issue responsibly, political weasels on both sides of the spectrum use race as a political club to distort and discredit opponents.

The article and video concerning Shirley Sherrod are excellent examples of using race as a wedge or club, in this case to discredit the NACCP.

Think that 12-40 million illegal aliens is an issue that should be addressed by securing the borders and deporting the illegals? Then you are a racist!

Oppose higher taxes, abortion and other parts of the Obama agenda and protest same as part of the Tea Party movement? Then you are a racist!

Racial relations will never improve until both sides discontinue the practice of using the R word as an offensive weapon for political gain.

Unfortunately, America does not have reasoned leadership on this critical issue.