Obama Shoves 80-Year Old Mongrel Under the Bus!

Satire by John W. Lillpop

Poor Charley Rangel.

At age 80 and after 40 years of “Service” in the U.S. House, the gentleman from Harlem has been thrown under the bus by America’s first combined African-American president and mongrel.

In doing this dastardly deed, President Obama remarked that the 13 ethics charges against Rangel are “very troubling” and went on to add that perhaps it was time for Charles Rangel to end his career “with dignity.”


Where and when has Charles Rangel ever been confused with even a smattering of dignity?

Even so, Rangel was owed more respect than Obama was able, or willing, to muster on the occasion of Rangel’s official demise.

Rangel thus joins the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and a host of other friends and family whose dealings with Obama are no longer worth it to The One.

In Rangel’s case, love him or hate him, Charles was always good for laughs, unless you happen to be a liberal suffering anxiety attacks when pondering the November 2 elections, and the prospects that John Boehner will pry the Speaker’s gavel from the cold, wrinkled fingers of a deposed Nancy Pelosi.

A bit of free advise for the president: Do not look now, but there is another mongrel headed your way, this one a female from California. Save some room under that bus for Maxine Watters as she is also headed to trial this September.